Thursday, 24 March 2011


Okay, minor delays getting this blog up, but here it is, the progress of making my Zine about my house as i've been quite ill. The locations I had already taken photos of are the instax photographs, i've also added extra photos. The general idea for my Zine was the state of my house... we have a massive problem with dampness and mould growing we also have random crap in our garden that we've either, stolen when we are drunk, found in the loft, or actually bought ourselves.
putting images together on each page.

We were asked to focus heavily on typography, so I got all the alphabet stamps I could find between me and another housemate. I've done a lot of experimentation of type that i've done myself as well.

I started the type about mould and damp, which pretty much sums our house issues up.
Making the cover for my Zine.

First two pages done!

Photoshopped images of our tacky tacky lights.
Progress photos for first page

Final page 1

I only took photographs of the process of the first page rather than to each page of the Zine as each process for each page is exactly the same, but just with different images and different type. I didn't use type as heavily in the second half of the book as I thought the images were more powerful and type would kind of ruin them.

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