Thursday, 3 March 2011

Edwyn Collins Idea Generation Gallery

I went to a private exhibition at the Idea Generation gallery called Nature Punk. The Artist Edwyn Collins who is also a musician, television actor and producer suffered from two major cerebral haemorrhages in 2005, since his recovery he has been dedicated to the arts and nothing but the arts.

The exhibition I saw this evening in three words, crowded, inspiring, dull. Before you think 'well that sounds kind of shit' I don't necessarily think that those three words are negative. I thought the gallery being packed full of people for this one man was absolutely amazing. (although there were people drinking wine standing in front of the artwork which was a little annoying)

I thought inspiring because every Art Gallery should be some sort of inspiration. Edwyn's work is not my kind of taste or style but it still inspired me because of his passion to carry on after having a fatal illness. It was a little dull because I think that is his style, but i liked it.

Crappy camera phone photographs.

This is a favourite ^

andddddddd me and my housemate got a free beer SCORE.

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