Friday, 19 November 2010

Final Model

This is the final model of my maze, I've been ill over the past two weeks and wasn't able to get it made out of perspex which is my intention for next week, after the deadline.

The measurements of the maze in full size is 14X18 inches.

Glue guns are difficult for neat fiddley things.

Oh, and obviously it is not to scale.

Here is Bovril trying it out!

Okay, so all I have left to do for monday is the box for it and the graphics on the box.

Easy peasy. (I hope)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Poster Design

This is for my drawing module, i'm really getting into it even though I didn't think I would.
I have a lot of things to put up from drawing so they will come shortly.

I'm doing a few more versions of this but I want to keep the whole Tim Burton feel to it.

slightly different version.

This is a sketch I did and made darker on photoshop of the scissorhand.

More to come.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Final Maze in Progress

So, finally I have taken some photos of this 'so far' work. This is actually the hardest thing to do in the world. Trying to get lines straight and cutting straight when you only have a plastic ruler! argh.

Anyway, i've decided to make my final maze out of mount board as it's a lot lighter than wood. I'm trying to get most of it done for my mid term crit tomorrow.

(obviously they'll be more walls soon)

So yeah, I will be adding more photos when the final product is made.

Broad Vision - Experimentation

Today we were practicing our exercise we are going to do with the other students from different disciplines. The aim for this is for 1 person to describe what they can see under the microscope and then the other 7 of us drew what was described. I took all of these photos on my phone so that's why the quality is crappo.

Harry and Jinesh, working away.
after various slides being described to us.
Work in progress
the beginning.

I am fully aware that the photos are in the wrong order and am too much of a technophobe to sort it out, but i'm sure it makes sense :D