Sunday, 13 March 2011

Website... in depth

Okay, so I scanned this in before but i've noticed that I haven't been very descriptive in some of my entries. I've cropped the individual menu Ideas I doodled the other day so they're easier to see.

I drew this purely because I love weird shapes and strange botanical(ish) type things. I also like the simplicity of making an image look 3D so I experiment with that throughout these designs.
Another simple menu design, again a bit plain and hasn't got much point to anything, I might experiment on Illustrator with colours, etc.
I am planning to develop this menu design further as I like, again, my favourite word, the simplicity of it. Also I think it would be easier for the user to access the menu options easily. Let's see shall we...
Experimentation with lines and making things look a little bit 3D.
I'm going to develop this one a bit more and make it look readable.
I find it a little weird describing doodles, because they're just what is ever in my head at the time... but yeh, 3d?
Experiment with type, 3D type! - I need new ideas, boring.

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