Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Animation Done

All done for the Broad Vision Deadline

Friday, 15 April 2011

Time Lapse Experiment

For my research I decided to create a time lapse experiment of mouldy jam under the microscope. I did this over the weekend and the camera was timed to take photographs every 5 minutes from friday to monday.

The results were blurred because obviously the microscope has to stay in focus and instead of the mould spreading sideways which is how i hoped it would, it grew upwards, making it more and more out of focus as the film goes on. Still, here is the video. (including test shots at the start)

the three stages.

Monday, 4 April 2011

New Brief

We have finally been given a project that allows us to do whatever we want! Which is what i've wanted to do for a while. So, since Broad Vision started back in October i've collected A LOT of images that i've taken looking at cells down the microscope. I really want to continue the microscopy art so I've decided to do my Self Identified project on this. I will show my experience of Broadvision in my sketchbook and have mostly water colour studies of cells. I will also be planning to have experimental sketches with all sorts of different materials and textures.

I am also including the animation that I am co creating with two computer science students in the project Broad Vision as it shows cellular activity and links with the work I will be doing for this project.

These are some previews of the photographs I will be illustrating/painting.