Thursday, 24 March 2011

Font Brief.

Take photographs of shapes, objects, and the landscape around you. Use ONE
object or image you have photographed to create a complete font.
Treat your typeface the same as you would treat any other illustration
brief. Consider who it's for, where it will appear, and what its' purpose
is. Make sure it is appropriate for the audience it is intended for.

To start off I took three things from my room that I thought would make interesting type.

I found the grapes were really easy to make into type and do look pretty awesome... but I reckon I can find something a bit better. I thought about carving into fruit each letter and making say an orange covered in type.
Multicoloured pasta is a bit of a bitch to try and get it to stay still, don't like this idea much.

When I thought of this object to use I thought it was the best idea EVER, but then when I actually got to it, I realised how inflexible the model is. The letter 'N' was impossible. and most of the letters don't look very clear, but still, some research.


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