Thursday, 24 March 2011

Finished Zine

My finished Zine.

The first page shows all the mould we have in our house and the dates of when it all started. and the second page shows the tacky but kind of cool lights in our house, possibly the only nice thing that is in our house.
The third page shows the recycling pilled up outside in the snow over christmas, we never take our recycling on time, as i'm sure most other students forget to do. (not just us i hope)
The fourth page shows my lovely and probably famous by now, hamster Bovril, because she makes the house better despite the shit hole it is!
I wanted the cover to be as plain as I could as there isn't much to our house. I might try and get the cover a bit mouldy as well, if it isn't too much of a health and safety risk.

So there you go, a Zine about the ups and downs in Sedgecombe Avenue.

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