Friday, 11 March 2011

2nd Year Show 'Work in Progress'

We had the private view for our show last night and i was really pleased with the turn out, there were so many people there considering our invites were out late! Really good show, i've taken a few snaps of a few of my favourite pieces by my classmates. The photographs are a bit crap as I used my phone but I might go in and take some proper photographs.

Olivia Henry

Olivia's work really impressed me last night she made a book of horoscopes with lots of lovely drawings and good use of letraset. I really liked the way she made everything by hand and from scratch it really shows how personal her work is to her.

Miranda Beruad

I really love Miranda's work I've seen her go from trying to make an origami swan and getting so stressed to the point of probably chucking the paper on the floor, then i've seen the outcome which have really impressed a lot of people. I love the T shirts she has made as well. She should be really pleased.

Katharina Nyilas
Kati produced some mature drawings of birds to accompany her bird box she made last term, I really like the way she's made the box to look quite old and how she has decorated it, a lot of praise for this piece of work.

Jinesh Revagar
I really love this piece that Jinesh made, it's so different to what everyone else did with that project, very vibrant and stood out a lot at the show.

Georges Dupree
Georges work always impresses me, he has a very unique style and uses very basic materials to produce something really amazing. He also had an animation showing him being homeless for a day, showing how generous some people can be. I thought his work was really strong and made people think a lot.

Charlie Rallings
I only managed to get one good photo of Charlie's work, but probably the best piece of work to me. I really like the way her work was displayed and the materials she used.

All in all a really really good show guys, well done.

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