Thursday, 24 February 2011

Animal Collective

BRIEF: Create an illustrated interpretation of a musical track that is experienced by the viewer in an unconventional and pioneering way.

The brief tells us to choose a band or artist and create an illustrated response inspired by two of their tracks. The band I have chosen are Animal Collective, a particularly underrated band who are so different to the mainstream music that is out there at the moment. Animal collective describe themselves as neo-psychedelic band.

Below are a few of Animal Collective's album covers which I think are their best covers. I don't want to focus on doing just an album cover, I want to be able to express their music in my work and communicate with the viewer.

I've been doodling whilst listening to 'Graze' which is on their new EP Fall Be Kind. I've gone for the doodling approach as all my ideas seem to be stuck in my head. I will scan in some pages from my sketchbook to show how the development of my work is going.

- Graze - Animal Collective.

- Leaf House - Animal Collective.

- What Would I Want? Sky! - Animal Collective.

These are the three tracks i'm focusing on now but will probably narrow it down to Graze and Leaf House.... let's see shall we!

Final Piece Sketch

Below is my final sketch for my record player. I've decided to have a slide off lid for the player instead of having a hinged lid as I felt it would turn out to be too bulky. I am also planning to make the player with Resin, but dye the resin so it will be an opaque colour. I'm still working on ideas on how to present it at the end.

I am also working on the artwork for the top of the player as you can see in my other blog work. I'm currently working on photoshop for the final image as I want it to be as professional as I can.

This is going well :) (better photo of plans will be uploaded when i'm near a scanner!)

Portable record players

I have been researching in to all the different types of record players that are out there at the moment. There are only a few types of players that are portable and are mainly in the shape of a suitcase for convenience of carrying. The record player I plan to make would be less practical than an actual portable record player as it will be more of a piece of art than a product.

I wonder, will I end up making my record player into a different shape? Something humorous? No, I try to be humorous too often and to be honest, i'm not that funny. Ideally, I'd like to make the record player look quite old and 'vintage' as some people shout at each other in an american accent.

This player (above photograph) is a perfect example of the general construction of a record player; what you see is what you get! I will be constructing my record player from scratch. I will need to make the box out of wood and get hold of a motor and a needle to make the player work.
This is just an example of the cleverest construction of compacting the player into the smallest way possible. I'd prefer to do a minimalistic style for my final piece but i'd rather do something larger and more advanced. Plans of my record player will be up in the next blog.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Yang Yongliang

“Cigarette Ash Landscape” an incredible installation by Yang Yongliang. Black and white photographs were cut out and collaged together to create the image of a cigarette dropping ashes into a field of flowers.


Sometime when you look at a piece of work, do you ever think, fuck me, that's insane.
Well I do, and this is exactly what I said when I saw this.


I came across this website and went into the art section finding some inspiration.

Luca Mantovanelli

Isaac Salazar
Possibly the most insane piece of work i've seen today.

Jose Lerma
I thought this was interesting as it's similar to the work i produced for my previous drawing module.

Jacob O Rolfe

Thomas C Chung
Okay, maybe this is the best piece of work i've seen today.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yoko Furusho

At the moment, this Japanese illustrator is actually the best influence ever. I love the way that you can imagine being in the image with her work and the only feeling you'll get is a warm fuzzy calm feeling. Her attention to detail is so incredible, and the colours she uses with her work compliment the mood instantly.

This is called 'Marriage'

I don't enjoy umbrellas at all, but I enjoy this.

This illustration reminds me very much of my childhood as I spent the majority of my time in the garden making and drawing weird made up flowers and little creatures. I think I was quite young.

beautiful sketchbook work.

The Fine Art Section

Tactile work has to be a favourite of mine as I love touching piece of work as, when used appropriately can say so much about a piece of work. Handmade works I see as more personal and really cared for.
Favourite artist at the moment!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


So i've decided to look into portable vinyl players as for my final piece for the D&AD brief for Diesel I want to promote my chosen tracks in this format, not just a vinyl but I will make form scratch a fully working portable vinyl player. I want to be able to take a really professional approach to this project by researching into advertising and contacting the band, etc.

This designer of this simple lino portable vinyl player, the only reason he is unknown is because I searched for it in google one day and it was there, the next, it was not.

Obviously, mine won't be as advanced as this, I want to aim more towards the appearance and style of the item itself.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Development of yesterdays drawing down the microscope session. Guts really are beautiful.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Broad Vision

Quick studies of a cats eye and the intestine. MORE TO COME.



Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Some new work

New Brief - New Semester
Okay, so I fluffed up a little bit last semester, but I am finally out of my sickness hole and am ready for a challenge. For this new brief we were given about 7 or 8 to choose from. I decided to choose the brief, 'create an illustrated interpretation of a musical track that is experienced by the viewer in an unconventional and pioneering way'.

I've decided to focus on the band Animal Collective as their music is experimental and some people say it comes across over the top and vulgar. Personally, this is one of my favourite bands to relax to and I feel that they aren't as appreciated as they should be, their album art work is fantastic already but I want to draw more attention to the viewer/listener so that they will be more heard of.

I've focused on two songs so far. These two images are for the song 'Leaf House' which is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Below is a Photoshoped version of the original.

The next track i've focused on is 'What would I want? Sky!' which is pretty much exactly what it says in the title, sang a hell of a lot of times, but is a beautiful song nonetheless.
Very simple design for this one, I'm going to get on some new ideas and experiment with collage.