Sunday, 20 March 2011

Record Player Update

For the last project at uni I decided to make a mini record player for single vinyls for the band Animal Collective. I've been pretty delayed in making it recently as there's been other work i've had to do but it is underway to get finished in the next two weeks.

It measures to 27cm all around, 11cm tall and when making it out of resin it will be a cm less on each measurement.

I bought the cheapest turntable in the world on ebay for £4.99, brand new. The size of it fits exactly to the size i want to record player to be as well. Sorted.

I was a bit screwed over on Ebay so my moulding of the box has been delayed for the time being, i'm out £45 and there's no resin at my front door. If worst comes to worst, I may just make it out of wood, also, me and my housemate who is on the Fine Art course are going to do a collaborative piece with the record player, he is going to make a cylinder horn for the record player to make it louder. We have both had the opportunity to get involved in an exhibition for a gallery in April. More info soon.

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