Saturday, 26 March 2011

Online Brief: Website

The brief is to design a homepage which integrates your blog and other social networking tools such as twitter and facebook.

I want to create a homepage that is visually stimulating to others and personal to me. My aim to to make it look professional but playful at the same time... my drawings are all about the bright colours or block colours and the 3D doodles I tend to do.

To start...

To develop my menu designs I put them on illustrator and just played around with colours. I want to use my typeface in my design as well so i've updated my work to show how.

I decided on these three menus, but i really like the green menu as it's the least complex drawing there!

Layout Plans

I played around with a few different layouts but had trouble with settling with an idea.. I also lost all my progress work halfway through doing it (bloody mac) but luckily I printed everything as I went along! so the quality isn't great.

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