Friday, 3 December 2010

High Society

Yesterday I went to the High Society Exhibition where art and science are put together. I saw this piece by John Isaacs which is absolutely huge and really revolting, but bloody brilliant. The legs made me cringe a bit but obviously, that's the point.

I then saw this piece which I found so fascinating, I've recently become incredibly interested in the anatomy and organs, etc. This is stained glass.

Thought this was pretty amusing.

Annie Cattrell - This sequence of sculptures illustrates the activity patterns of the human brain as it responds to five senses; sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Scans of the brain using each sense were produced with functional MRI. These scans were then converted into three-dimensional physical structures of amber resin using a rapid-prototyping process.

Osi Audu, The Seeing Mind. Steel, rope, animatronic eye and Perspex.
The artist wrote; The nature of consciousness is a subject I find infinitely fascinating. I am intrigued by the way in which neural impulses in the brain, which originate from the eyes, are interpreted by the min, and therefrom produce vision. 'The Seeing Mind' is inspired by this phenomenon of perception, and how we appear to see, not with the eyes, but through the eyes. The part that actually does the 'seeing' in this sculpture installation is proximity sensor.

I really liked the intriguing factor of this piece, so much that I was waiting with my camera for the eye to open in the middle, but when the eye opens it makes a loud noise, which then made me jump, drop my camera and miss the time the eye is open for, so I gave up haha.

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