Monday, 11 October 2010

Reinventing Illustration - Hamster Maze

For this project I thought i'd do something a little different to drawing, so I am currently making mazes for my Hamster, Bovril. The purpose of this is to illustrate the theories of phsycologists testing mice and rats, and see if Bovril is more intellectual than other rodents.

The reason I wanted to do something different is because, believe it or not, as an illustration student, i'm so sick of drawing.

In the above video it shows Bovril finding the food that I put in the centre of the maze and then she went back to the start and climbed out.

This video shows Bovril in the larger maze that I made. I tried a different experiment with her and drew a red line to the exit of the maze. She followed the line all the way but unfortunately missed the last turn towards the exit. I don't know whether it was a fluke or not but I thought following a colour for a hamster was pretty impressive.

More videos to come!

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